Censor this

One can argue that Internet censorship is prevalent because, in the end, everything comes down to a server that someone owns in a country where laws are in place. The government can pressure an ISP; the ISP will pressure the community leader (or forum moderator); and this person will censor speech: deleting messages, etc… Therefore, free speech in Virtual Communities is not free.

My question is: does this kind of censorship apply to pod-casting (or the recently ridiculed text-casting)?

How do you “delete” a file that exists in a P2P network? Computer Science systems researchers have been grappling this technical issue at least for a few years. I think its still an open research question (see Berkeley’s oceanstore for one example of a distributed file system. Note the comment, “only a global-scale disaster could disable enough machines to destroy the archived object.”)

My contention? It sure sounds hard to stop.


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