My First CHI (2006)

I want to run a blog on my research interests. It is appropriate, I think, to start with a trip report on my first visit to the conference on computer human interaction (CHI 2006). This conference is what I perceive to be the most well-known conference in the field of HCI. This year, it was held in Montreal and I attended as a student volunteer.

There are a number of things that I enjoyed doing at CHI. First, I got to see the world outside of the Information School at the University of Washington. My school has its merits, but I hadn’t really seen the outside world since I started. Good. Second, I got to meet colleagues. CHI is big; people are busy, but I shoke some hands, saw some familiar faces. Kewl. Third, I learnt stuff. Fourth, b/c the conference was in Montreal and near Chinatown, I had opportunity to exercise three languages. English (duh.), French (I ordered in French… at Burker King), and Chinese (some guy offered me a discount on pirated DVDs because I spoke Canto).

The next few posts will be about the “stuff” and the “learnt” as mentioned above.


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