ACM Search Plugin for Firefox

I’ve been “out” for the past few weeks because I was writing for my general exams. When I was preparing my materials I was using the ACM Digital Library very heavily. So much so, that I ended up producing a search plugin for the built-in search bar in Firefox. Here is a polished version of it.

Instructions are:

(1) Download these two files:

a. acm.src

b. acm.gif

(2) Save them in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins

(3) Restart Firefox.



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One response to “ACM Search Plugin for Firefox

  1. guest

    You can optionally use
    function addEngine(name,ext,cat)
    if ((typeof window.sidebar == “object”) && (typeof window.sidebar.addSearchEngine == “function”))
    var url=””; #your url
    name,cat );



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